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Zkoumání HUBBURGER: Revoluční projekt založený na blockchainu




The Blockchain Economy Summit, which took place on February 28th in London, is the world’s largest blockchain conference, attracting a global audience. The event provided an excellent platform for companies to showcase their innovative products, and Maciej Sagal, CEO of Hubberger, spoke to CoinReporter about his company’s use of blockchain technology

"Our blockchain project is very unique. It’s a different approach than most other projects out there. We have four NFT collections and utility token. Even though the market has been down lately, we planned our tokenomics before the market crash. I felt that we needed to do something different, so we used NFTs for the first round of fundraising for our marketing project. Many projects have utility tokens that cannot be used as a tool, which affects their value. This is the biggest point that we need to change.

“Which blockchain do you utilize?”

“We use Ethereum for NFT and utility token. We have over a year’s time, and with everything changing rapidly in the crypto and world markets, we need to choose the best way forward for our investors and ourselves.”

“Regulations can slow down a project if they are bad, but if the regulations are good, they can increase trust in the project and cryptocurrency. For example, I am a proponent of medical marijuana in Poland. Many people initially thought it couldn’t be regulated, but we eventually regulated it, which was a good step for the industry. We kick-started the industry because there was no industry in Poland. It was a hard job to bring this Conservative government law during the legislation. It took us four years, and two years were dedicated only to the medical marijuana issue, from the beginning of the project to the sign from the President. There is a dynamic situation in crypto and the world economy market. We need time for innovations and we also need experts. We go to Parliament as experts, and we have the best doctors, science professors, and universities behind us. We aim to help patients who need it.”

“Are you operating globally?”

“Currently, we operate only in Poland with offline business. We are not only a marketplace. We have a training center, a crypto section, franchising shops, and vending machines. We are currently implementing a machine assembly project vending machines at gas stations, and this is exclusive news for you today. Next week, we will bring it to the press. Imagine going to a petrol station and being able to buy medical cannabis. For the crypto community, if somebody likes medical cannabis, they can support our business by buying NFTs from vending machines in the franchising model and get a share of the profit. That’s the first business in cannabis where you can legally share your money with investors.”


“Blockchain helps us build a big and strong community worldwide. It’s not just about money. Cannabis is a fast-growing economy sector that’s resistant to external factors. There are many people who enjoy smoking weed, and cannabis is not just for smoking. It has industrial hemp for clothes, CBD oils for people’s health, cancer treatment, and it can be used for pets. It’s a very decentralized industry, and you can’t find anything on Google. We aim to be the real marketplace where you can advertise and connect with the cannabis industry. We know this industry from our experience, and we have no competitors for now.
We have esoteric specifications for training doctors via a school for the doctors. We know how the doctor can prescribe prescriptions for patients, and this is now only in Poland. We will do the job worldwide.”

Projekt Hubburger ukazuje, jak má blockchain neomezený potenciál pomoci jakémukoli podnikání, dokonce i zdravotnictví!

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