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Zelení: „Evropská unie musí splnit Putinovu výzvu“




V reakci na ruský útok na Ukrajinu Ska Keller (na snímku), president of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, said: “The Greens/EFA strongly condemn the Russian attack and stand firmly by Ukraine. The attack needs to end immediately and Russian troops be withdrawn. The massive breaches of international law by the Russian President mark a caesura for European security order. The European Union, the United States and their partners reacted quickly, consistently and in a coordinated manner to the recognition of the so-called People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine. It was also right for the German government to put the Nord Stream 2 gas project on hold. Putin’s further attempt to bring down Europe’s peace architecture again needs a joint and co-ordinated response. Given his continued escalation, sanctions must also be stepped up and implemented quickly.”

Philippe Lamberts, president of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, said: “The aggression of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia constitutes a direct challenge to the foundations on which the European Union was built after World War II, namely to leave behind a world where might is right and embrace a rules-based international order where peace is rooted in cooperation, negotiation and compromise. In close cooperation with its partners, the EU now needs to adopt sanctions that will ensure Putin and his entourage feel the price of aggression. In parallel, it needs to strengthen its financial, economic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and be prepared to give a safe haven to people fleeing the invasion. All the above will test the resolve, unity and solidarity of the European Union. Collectively, we are convinced we have the means and the will to meet the challenge.”

Dnes (24. února) na mimořádném zasedání Evropské rady, které začíná ve 20 hodin, budou lídři EU diskutovat o dalším postupu. Poslanci Evropského parlamentu budou o ruském útoku na Ukrajinu diskutovat na mimořádném plenárním zasedání v úterý 1. března od 13 hodin.

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